Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovely animal

Crocheting has really struck with me. Now this again come rolling off the pen and more to come because this is so cute. But because all my other work is in a fix and I need to finish the year swap. Oooooooo who can give me some extra time.
Here they usually eat

If they are outside they usually sleep in this. I think it became not so nice so I do it again soon

This is it. Isn't he a sweety. It is a miniature dachshund.

Here he is good to eat

Here he is in his doghouse.

I've put my finger on it so you can see how small he is.

Love Freubs

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bear and Panda

I have make two girlfriends Bear and Panda and they do anything together.

Here you see that they are not afraid to climb.

Just a portrait in between

A group hug.

And to see how big they are a picture with a ruler alongside.

Hugs from Freubs