Monday, September 26, 2011

Just more toys

The toystore is becoming fuller and fuller. In recent days as a distraction again some toys made.

This time something for the boys. It's become a gas station-cum-parkinggarage.
And this is taken from the top so the layout can be seen.

For the girls I made a shop. There are still groceries in but the ink of the printer is on so it has to wait.

Also the little man we don´t forget. For toddlers these 3 fun toys.
A balls tower

hammer tap

and a xylophone pull cart

and this is the front (as you see I'm not a miracle sign)

For anyone who wants to break the legs these stilts (I managed not once, but only got bruises)

And fot the one who want to learn to read a primer. Unfortunately it was an unclear PCB so the picture too)

Yes, but you never believe the Saint is not satisfied. He thinks that too little choice. So we are again hard at work.

Will be continued.

Hugs Freubs

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Toys

Because it is zo quiet here I tought let send some pictures of more toys.

At first this time I make children's stationery. This is so lovely.

Then I make another puzzle. This time from a bear.

And since I was a little simple of all that cutting and pasting I continued with wood. And from the wood machine (manual) rolled an marble alley.

So this was it for so far. I'm going continue with my next entry so next time new pictures.

Bye Freubs 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toy and two children racks

Who does not no the nostalgic game Donkey Punch and  played it on his birthdayparty. Well I did. So here is a Pooh version.

In addition I made two cloating childeren racks

One of Miffy

And one of Woezel and Pip

So this was it for today. Maybe tomorrow more toys.

greeting Freubs

Update cabinets toystore

It took a while but as promised here the new pictures of painted cabinets. Just a reminder. These were the cabinets unpainted

And so they look now

And so it is in the sewing machine cap

And here are some pictures with toy in the cabinets

So this was it for so far. Will be continued.

greetings Freubs

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just more toys

This weekend I has been busy to make some more toys.

For a rainy Sunday I made this advertisegame.

Also at the little ones is thought with this fun game The happy friends

For puzzle fanatics among us this fun puzzle (there are more to)

Clock watching is also a must. Therefore this cute little book Gnome Clock Hat with a real learning clock.

And this is the inside of the little book. Every hour has a nice story.

Furthermore, a few music boxes made

And here a close-up of the three.
First the bears

The second Woezel and Pip
And the third Miffy

So this was it for this moment. More to come

greetings Freubs


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fishing game

The summerholiday is over and the Fall makes its appearance so it's time to continue with the toyshop.
This time I make a fishinggame.

These are the contents of the box

the contents of the box with the description

this is the total content

The fish in the square bowl

And the last photo is the fish on the hook, really. I'm making the rod slightly modified so you can really fish. And no it is not a hook but ...............a piece of magnetic tape

So now I go further to make some more toys.

Will be continued.

greetings Freubs

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach set

On the dollhouse forum I participate in the annual swap. I had indicated I wanted to make something for August. Since August the prime summer months (this year not) I wanted to make something that fit in the summer.

I started to make a beach towel.

Nice but a naked doll on a beach towel, I found it a little too far. So to change the crochet hook in hand I made ​​crochet bikinis at the color of the ladies had given up.

Actually, you also have something in store. I'm looking at the Internet for a nice beach bag. I found one and with some modifications, there was the 1:12 beach bag

And to complete the picture here a picture of the whole beach set.

Have a nice summer. Love Freubs

Honey bear looking for honey

A girlfriend in Belgium loves bears, so I make this honey bear for her.

greetings Freubs


For a girlfriend in Greece I make for her birthday this two cats.

I find this really a sweetheart.
She also has real whiskers

Here they are together again for being photogenic.

Hugs from Freubs