Monday, September 26, 2011

Just more toys

The toystore is becoming fuller and fuller. In recent days as a distraction again some toys made.

This time something for the boys. It's become a gas station-cum-parkinggarage.
And this is taken from the top so the layout can be seen.

For the girls I made a shop. There are still groceries in but the ink of the printer is on so it has to wait.

Also the little man we don´t forget. For toddlers these 3 fun toys.
A balls tower

hammer tap

and a xylophone pull cart

and this is the front (as you see I'm not a miracle sign)

For anyone who wants to break the legs these stilts (I managed not once, but only got bruises)

And fot the one who want to learn to read a primer. Unfortunately it was an unclear PCB so the picture too)

Yes, but you never believe the Saint is not satisfied. He thinks that too little choice. So we are again hard at work.

Will be continued.

Hugs Freubs


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