Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach set

On the dollhouse forum I participate in the annual swap. I had indicated I wanted to make something for August. Since August the prime summer months (this year not) I wanted to make something that fit in the summer.

I started to make a beach towel.

Nice but a naked doll on a beach towel, I found it a little too far. So to change the crochet hook in hand I made ​​crochet bikinis at the color of the ladies had given up.

Actually, you also have something in store. I'm looking at the Internet for a nice beach bag. I found one and with some modifications, there was the 1:12 beach bag

And to complete the picture here a picture of the whole beach set.

Have a nice summer. Love Freubs

Honey bear looking for honey

A girlfriend in Belgium loves bears, so I make this honey bear for her.

greetings Freubs


For a girlfriend in Greece I make for her birthday this two cats.

I find this really a sweetheart.
She also has real whiskers

Here they are together again for being photogenic.

Hugs from Freubs


At last she is ready. This time I make a malthezer.

It's one with a bit cocky, namely Madame did not like this doghouse.

No, she wanted a real smart dog bed. So I made​​ one for her.

Here she is judging him. See if the colors are good.

she has him testing

Yes it is approved.

Love Freubs