Julian and Juliette

12 april 2013                          ORANJE BOVEN/ORANGE SYMBOLS

Tegenwoordig zit ik in de adoptiemuizen. Ik had toen belooft dat ik ook setjes zou haken voor het oranjegevoel. Eindelijk zijn de setjes klaar. Julian en Juliette willen graag voor jullie poseren. De kleertjes kunnen gedragen worden tijdens het EK of met de as. koninginnedag.

 Today I'm in the adoption mice. I had promised that I would hook sets for the orange feeling. Finally the  sets are finished. Julian and Juliette would like to pose for you.  The clothes can be worn during the European Championship or Queensday.                                           

                                                       Hier Julian en Juliette samen/
                                                       Here Julian and Juliette together

En hier Juliette nog een keertje alleen met een andere jurkje en haarband/ And here Juliette one more time only with a different dress and headband

De feesten kunnen beginnen./The celebrations can begin.

                                                                      Tot de volgende keer

16 maart   2013                             KEUKENBLOK/KITCHEN UNIT

Van de week weer lekker verder gegaan met het inrichten van de keuken. Deze keer een keukenblok gemaakt.

Last week continued to organize the kitchen. This time I made a kitchen unit​​.

En zo staat het in de keuken/And so it is in the kitchen

See you next time Freubs

14 maart 2013                                          Oven en schouw

Eindelijk is de inspiratie weer terug en ik heb het helemaal te pakken. Ik heb voor het muizenhuis een oven met een schouw gemaakt.

Finally the inspiration is back and I'm really into her. I have made for the mouse house an oven with a chimney.

                                                      En zo staat ie in de keuken/
                                                      And so he stands in the kitchen

Er moet alleen nog een lichtje in de schouw maar die heb ik nog even niet.

There should only be a light in the chimney but I don't have it yet.

groetjes Freubs See you next time


Een hele tijd geleden had Emma op het forum een workshop gegeven van een lantaarn of windlicht. En eindelijk is het ervan gekomen dat ik hem ook gemaakt heb.

A long time ago Emma had given a workshop on the forum of a lantern or wind light. And finally it came to him that I have made him.
It comes in the house mouse with Julien and Juliette.

See you next time.


Oorfauteuil/Wing Chair

He he eindelijk weer iets van miniatuur gemaakt. Emma had een leuke workshop van een oorfauteuil neergezet en die heb ik dus gemaakt, natuurlijk wel in 1:24. Het is een stoel geworden Julian.
He he finally made ​​something of miniature. Emma had put on the forum a workshop of a wing chair and I've made ​​so, of course in 1:24. It has become a chair Julian.

Kijk eens Julian ik heb eindelijk een mooie stoel voor je gemaakt. Is het wat?
                       Look Julian I've finally found a nice chair for you. Is it any good?
                  Ja dat is een mooie stoel. Hoef ik eindelijk niet steeds op de bank te zitten.
                  Yes that is a beautiful chair. I finally do not always sit on the couch.                        
                  Nee zegt Julia, maar ik heb nu wel plaats zat op de bank hihi
                  No says Julia, but I have now place enough to sit on the couch LOL

                                                                           See you next time

June 12th 2012                                     WALLPAPERING

 Julian and Juliette were so impatient that I did yesterday, 3 rooms papered.

                                                  The first 2 are the dining room and kitchen

and the third room is the living room

It looks like they do like colors.

And now wallpapering the rest.

Until next time.
Hugs Julian and Juliette

June 11th 2012                                          SUCCEEDED

Yes it worked. After Saturday, I had made a door that was not well received. Yesterday so we had done the plunge and it worked. I have 3 doors made​​. There are no buttons on because they are still loose in the walls. The walls must first be wallpapered and painted the doors with frames.

Here the doors on the three floors

                                                           Close-up of the door

And of course, Julian and Juliette could not wait to pick out the wallpaper. So that even "purchased".

And now papered

See you next time.
Love and hugs from Freubs, Julian and Juliette

June 10th 2012  A LITTLE FURTHER

Finally the time has come. The cottage is in the primer.

Before I started painting, I also outline the doors cut out of the walls.


In the meantime, we also continued with our cottage. Our mother mouse has 2 winding staircases made ​​(thanks to Will for the workshop). So we started.

Here, the components of the stairs

Here you see a staircase in progress

Here is the first stairs, there should be only by a thread but that we do if the stairs are painted.

Here the stairs from the living room to the third floor

And here's 2 pictures where we stand on the stairs.


See you next time
Julian and Juliette


Two days ago our mouse mother has installed the rear panel and strips glued for the floors.

Today I help with measuring. Hard to know with such a large pencil.

Here the first two floors.

How it looks with all the floors.

And we also have the partitions used loosely. For example, about the format.

Naturally, there are doors in but that will come.

See you next time
Love Julian and Juliette


Yoohoo did you know us? Our mousemother gave us a bit neglected hihi. But to make it right again, she has made some things. Because we mice also need to eat, she has made a simple kitchen table with chairs.
We just think that sitting on wood not so nice is, therefore have some nice pillows come.

She has also made ​​a nice kitchen cabinet. Of course Julian had to sit on top of it.
This should of course still going to be filled, but that will come.

Also we mice like to sleep at night, although distant family slept during the day. So, we have helped to a bed to make. What a chore that was. Here is finally the bed almost done, there should only beads on top of the legs.

Of course we also needed a good mattress.

We have been put to work though. We had to lug around the mattress, MICE ABUSE we call it.

Pooh what is that heavy. But it is still difficult, we had the mattress on the bed to fit.

Shhh don't say anything but when it finally lay on the bed we have just jumped on to see if everything is tight enough.

After a nice mattress dust was gone around it the bed was ready. Also on top of the legs were the beads.

And of course, Julian had to try it again. Is the bed nice and Julian?

Yes it is delicious. Come even when lying.

Well we can say that it is delicious. Now a nice flat sheet and a nice duvet.
See you later.
Julian and Juliette


Freubs (so we call her) think our house was too shallow. It was only 6 cm deep. So Saturday she has the courage and pulled to renovate beaten. Here we stand at a machine with which she was saw (sorry for the somewhat dark picture).Julian is a jigsaw. Watch out, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

When Freubs had finished cutting (gosh what a noise and that gave some rubbish) saw our house suddenly like this.
Well that's nothing such an open house.

But that had to wait because first it must be deepened.
Here we stand behind the house when Freubs made ​​it deeper.

And here we stand in it. Wow what a space so we get rid of each other.

Still Julian says Juliette, as it will soon be ready and equipped than we have space too short I think.

Well freubs may go barns and the inside will provide of floors and rooms. what a job it will be.

Well this was it for the moment. We come back soon.

Hugs from Julian and Juliette

PS:  I will tell you a secret. Freubs has no idea how the make the floors and the rooms.
Bye Juliette


                                                             A couch and a dresser

The mice had already started looking for some furniture and have found something. Here they instructed me what to do but oh my what a mess.

Oh what a mess you made ​​of it says Juliette. That it is better to leave the mouse foster mother.

Oh I see it already. It's a bed says Julian.

Not at all, says Juliette, look what beautiful things she has made.

Oooh that looks good says Julian, a nice couch.

Is the couch good, let's try

Look says Juliette, she has made ​​something else.
A cabinet, they call it with a nice word dresser.

Julian what do you do. Stop it. Well, Julian says, that
dressdinges or whatever you call it is also fun to climb.
I also look here if there is anything in those slide things is.
 We call them drawers Julian

                                              HET BEGIN/THE BEGINNING

I am also inspired by the book of karina Schaapman. So I uses a hook and needles to make two little mice.

So here they are Julian and Juliette

Here again. They love pictures

But they still want a house but also the foster mother of the mice had no wood. So looking for something  that was suitable to be decorated as a mouse house. They found this box only they do not know whether
they box in width
  or length
 to furnish.

Julian and Juliette know. They go the length of the building and furnishing.

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