Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The B-family

Who doesn't know the Barbadad family. Let me tell you some things about this family.


Barbadad and Barbamum
There is no problem that this particular couple can not solve. Thanks to some effective shape changes and an inexhaustible imagination, they are always the most difficult situations ... and all without losing their composure! They are always ready to help and good will knows no bounds. Moreover, the friendly and dedicated parents of seven children moving: Barbalala, Barbabenno, Barbabella, Barbabee, Barbabientje, Barbabob and Barbaborre

Barba Benno is blue and he is a great scientist.
Chemistry, astronomy and genetics have no secrets for him. He is sometimes too much carried away by his passion and daring scientific experiments are sometimes a disaster. Fortunately, nature lovers Barbabee close eye on him.

and preliminary and final

Barbabee is yellow.
He is a great specialist in science and know everything about flora and fauna, climate and pollution. Barbabee is always ready to help, but by his concern for nature, he often Barba Benno against as dangerous to carry out scientific experiments.

Will be continued

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